Promotion Insurance

Promotional Insurance
Welcome to InsurePlus. As the Irish partner to PIMS-SCA, we provide leading risk management protection for your Promotions, Contests & Games. Promotional Risk Management helps you to be safe in the knowledge that should your promotional activity exceed expectations, it’s Insurers that pay.

Whether it is Fixed Fee or Prize Coverage you require, we’ll create an effective and unique risk management solution that’s right for you.

If you are looking to offer incentives to your customers, run a Traffic Building or Data Collection activity or a create a special event, you can work with us to protect your campaign against the costs of higher than expected responses and paying out for any prize winners. You can then concentrate on running a successful campaign without worrying about redemption or prize award costs.

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We have two main solutions that can be adapted to meet your Promotional Marketing needs:

Fixed Fee :
Fixed Fee solution removes all the uncertainty from planning and funding a successful promotion. It covers the financial risk of redemptions from 0–100%, incorporates prize coverage and includes total management of promotional services including merchandise from start to finish.

Prize Coverage: to create bigger prize headlines for maximum impact. Turn an average promotion into something extraordinary.

Prize coverage enables you to upgrade a promotional prize from €5,000 to over €5 million for just a fraction of the prize value – delivering a high-profile promotion for often less than you had budgeted.

Prize risk can be associated with promotions that are either games of skill or chance for example:

  • Scratch-cards
  • Sports Skill Contest
  • Online Games
  • Performance Incentives
  • Charity Fundraiser

In addition, we have a whole range of off-the shelf Prize Promotion Products designed to increase footfall and customer excitement at any event. These include: Prize Pad, Visible Vault, Money Bags, Prize Kiosks, Jackpot Machine, Wheel Spins and Scratch-and-Win Cards.

Consumer goods brands and Retailers.

Fix the cost of any promotional campaign and make the most of your budget.

Casinos, Lotteries, Bingo Halls
Risk free gaming solutions for online and traditional gaming operators.

Digital sector
We can help transform your next online or mobile activity or help build traffic by providing cost effective, financially protected risk management solutions (eg. Text to Win, Online Instant Win)

You can seek to increase activation in your sponsorship activity, align your brand with a high profile sports event, look to create a sports themed sales promotion campaign or simply offer players/managers performance incentives.

Car Dealership
We can provide fun, free-to-play games, driving traffic to your dealership. You can offer customers the chance to win high value prizes e.g. a brand new car or a new car every year for life, at a minimum cost to you.

Events / Exhibitions
Drive traffic, capture data, engage with event visitors and give them the chance to win prizes.

Example Prize Promotion Games
Visible Vault:
Customers punch a 6-digit code into the Vault keypad. If it matches the pre-programmed code, the Vault opens and the customer wins the top prize, whatever you decide the prize to be.

Prize Kiosk & PrizePad:
Visitors enter their contact detail on to the prize kiosk touch screen and play a promotional game. If successful, they win the top prize paid by Insurers.

Money Bags:
Product launches are perfect for Money Bag games. A selected finalist chooses one envelope out of 100. Each envelope contains a prize but only one contains the jackpot. If the finalist selects that one – they win, Insurer pays.

Customers pull the promotional slot machine lever to spin the reels and reveal if they are a winner.

Sports Skills Contest:
If you sponsor a local team / event, create extra awareness and customer interaction with a penalty kick, or hole-in-one golf contest. If the player is successful they win the prize.

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